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MS Computer Science - Pre-Approved Concentration Areas and Courses

Updated July 16, 2015

NOTE:  Students starting UCSD in Fall 2015 must follow the new requirements.  Continuing students usually will follow the requirements in place when they entered UCSD, as described below, although they may opt to switch to the new requirements.

MS requirements 2009-2014

***(courses subject to change)

Artificial Intelligence

Advisors - Gary Cottrell and Charles Elkan


Advisor - Vineet Bafna

Communication Networks

Advisor - George PorterStefan Savage , Alex C. SnoerenGeoff Voelker

(Note - Students who have taken CSE 123 or a similar course as an undergraduate may substitute a second course from the above list in place of 123)

Computer Architecture and Compilers

Advisors - Dean Tullsen

Computer Graphics and Vision

Advisors - Henrik JensenDavid Kriegman , and Ravi Ramamoorthi

Cryptography and Security

Advisors - Mihir Bellare, Daniele Micciancio, Stefan Savage, and Hovav Shacham

Embedded Systems and Software

Advisor - Rajesh Gupta


Advisors - Alin Deutsch, Victor Vianu, and Yannis Papakonstantinou

Design Automation for Microelectronic Systems

Advisors - CK Cheng, Andrew Kahng, and Alex Orailoglu

Interaction Design

Advisors - Scott Klemmer, Bill Griswold, Jim Hollan, Jurgen Schulze, and Nadir Weibel

Parallel and Scientific Computing

Advisor - Scott Baden and Michael Taylor

Software Engineering

Advisors - Bill Griswold


Advisor - Any Gradcom Advisor

  • CSE 200
  • Choose two from - any other graduate course, except independent study courses

If you have trouble contacting an advisor, see Nadyne Nawar (EBU3b 1234) for assistance.

Requests for course substitutions and ad hoc concentrations should be made via a General Petition (see Nadyne Nawar for petition forms). They will be approved on a case by case basis. For exception requests, please see the advisor listed next to each Concentration Area.

If there are any new Concentration Areas you would like added to the program, please see the Graduate Chair.