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CSE Freshman Student Orientation

Updated 9/2013

CSE Student Orientation

CSE Student Orientation

Watch your email account for detailed information, coming soon!

Come learn about:

  • Our major programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Bioinformatics
  • Prerequisites for CSE courses, AP Credit, and transfer course credit
  • How to sign up to tutor in CSE Classes
  • CSE Course Placement Advice about what to take first
  • Difference between CSE 8A/8AL and CSE 11
  • Combined Bachelor and Master of Science Program
  • Undergraduate research in the CSE Department and how to prepare for employment and Graduate School

College Orientations

During summer 2014 (mid-June), you will receive notification from your college with orientation and course enrollment information. Please be sure to visit your colleges website and follow their instructions, before you contact the CSE Department.

UC San Diego Colleges and Orientation Information:

Course Enrollment Dates

Priority enrollment for Freshman students is from August 27, 2013 to August 29, 2013. If you have problems with enrolling into CSE classes, please send email to

What Type of Computer Do I Need to Buy?

One question we get quite a bit is "What type of computer do I need to buy?". CSE faculty have put together some helpful information on what type of system to look into getting.

Meet Your CSE Academic Advisor

Our team of CSE Advisors looks forward to assisting you with getting started. Come see us in the CSE Building, first floor in the CSE Student Affairs wing or call 858-534-8872 or via email at

  • Viera Kair
  • Ivonne Avila
  • Bianca Ibarra
  • Cora Tran, Intake Adviser
  • Peer Advisers:  Walter, Eric, Jessica, and Tammy

Email Contact

We regulary send updates about the major, courses, internship and research opportunities, Alumni Board events, industry events, student organizations, and more!  But, we send them all to student @UCSD email accounts.  Please check your @ucsd email regularly, or set it up to forward to a different email account that you read on a regular basis.


A word to the wise: We are very busy during the first two weeks of the quarter (add/drop period).  Therefore, please plan accordingly.   One more point: DO NOT believe every rumor you hear, always check with us first. This will save you a lot of headaches! Believe it or not, the department is a better source of information than your roommate(s) and/or friend(s).

We are here to guide you and make your experience at UCSD a great one! We look forward to seeing you in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy your summer.

Respectfully yours,

Your Undergraduate Advising Team

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